Area 2: Dramatic Literature, Theater History, Performance Studies

Number Title Codes Notes
THEATRST 125S American Musicals ALP Please note that THEATRST 125S American Musicals can satisfy either the Gateway requirement of the Theater Major, or one of its three Area 2: Dramatic Literature, Performance Studies, Theater History requirements, but not both.
THEATRST 187A Reading Theater in New York CCI, ALP, CZ Please note that 187A Reading Theater New York can satisfy an Area 2 or Gateway requirement, but not both.
THEATRST 187S Reading Theater CCI, ALP, CZ 187S Reading Theater (and its New York-based version, 187A Reading Theater in New York) can be taken as an Area 2 or Gateway class, but not both.
THEATRST 202 Introduction to Performance Studies CCI, W, ALP
THEATRST 203A The Arts, Culture, and Performance of New York CCI, ALP New Cross-List Fall 2024: JAM 392A-10
THEATRST 209 How Musicals Work ALP Previously Titled "Dramatic Forms of Musical Theater"
THEATRST 222 Shakespeare EI, W, ALP
THEATRST 224 Sport As Performance CCI, ALP New Course Fall 2023
THEATRST 225S Transformative Ideas: Power, Theater, and Politics CCI, ALP Transformative Ideas courses are typically offered in fall semesters.
THEATRST 227 Drama of Ancient Rome CCI, ALP, CZ Primary to Classical Studies
THEATRST 232S Asian American Theater CCI, ALP
THEATRST 237S Shakespeare's Nature EI, ALP Primary to English
THEATRST 238 African American Theater and Performance CCI, ALP
THEATRST 239AS Theater in London: Text CCI, ALP
THEATRST 240AS Theater in London: Performance (DS4) CCI, ALP
THEATRST 250S Queer Theater, Straight Plays CCI, ALP New Course Spring 2024
THEATRST 251AS Duke in London: Arts CCI, ALP Students enroll in one course, offering one Duke credit. No pass/fail or satisfactory/unsatisfactory options or auditing are permitted for the course. The course may count towards major requirements in the English Department and the Department of Theater Studies (Theater Studies Major Area 2).
THEATRST 252FS Performance and Citizenship in Asian America CCI, EI, ALP, CZ
THEATRST 277 The Dramatic Monster: Horror on Stage and Screen ALP
THEATRST 290-1 Special Topics in Dramatic Literature
THEATRST 290-4 Special Topics in Theater Studies Workshop
THEATRST 320S Movement in Question: Introduction to Critical Dance Studies CCI, R, W, ALP, CZ Primary to Dance
THEATRST 323 The Actress: Celebrity and the Woman CCI, ALP, CZ
THEATRST 334S Modern Drama: 1880-1940 CCI, W, ALP, CZ
THEATRST 335S Modern Drama: 1940-2000 CCI, W, ALP
THEATRST 338S Globalization and Theater CCI, EI, ALP, CZ
THEATRST 365S Modern American Drama CCI, W, ALP
THEATRST 375S Contemporary American Drama CCI, ALP
THEATRST 390S-4 Special Topics in Performance Studies
THEATRST 390S-6 Special Topics in Theater History
THEATRST 402S History of Acting CCI, R, W, ALP, CZ
THEATRST 550S Black Culture and Performance CCI, R, W, ALP open to graduates and advanced undergraduates