Graduation with Distinction

Distinction Projects

You may pursue a project in writing, directing, design, acting, literature, history, or theory. All projects must have a research component and a substantial written portion. Projects may also have a production component.

Check out some past Senior Distinction Projects


You must have at least a B average in your theater studies courses to be eligible to apply for a project. Here is the Policy for Graduation with Distinction in Theater Studies and an application form. Contact the director of undergraduate studies or assistant with questions. Your project needs the approval of the your chosen project supervisor and of the director of undergraduate studies. All projects need to be approved before registration in the spring semester of the year prior to the project.


You will register for THEATRST 291 Independent Study for one course credit in the fall and complete the remaining work in conjunction with THEATRST 401S Senior Colloquium in the spring.

Project Evaluation

A committee comprised of the project supervisor, the director of undergraduate studies, and a third faculty member in Theater Studies or a related field approved by the director of undergraduate studies will evaluate your project. The committee will hold a conference with you after the written work and project have been evaluated. This jury will decide whether distinction is awarded and at what level. Three levels of distinction are possible: Distinction, High Distinction, and Highest Distinction.