Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions that are not answered below, please feel free to contact Coco Wilder, assistant to the director of undergraduate studies, at

When I visit Duke, may I observe theater classes?
Yes. Prospective students are welcomed and encouraged to observe intro level classes with  prior faculty approval. Observations are open only to the prospective student. Please email to schedule your visit.

Do you have to audition to enter the theater studies program?
The Theater Studies Department does not require auditions. Any student admitted to Duke can major, minor, and/or take Theater Studies classes. 

Does the theater studies program have influence in the admission process?
We can make recommendations based on the theatrical expertise of the prospective student. We highly recommend that applicants submit an artistic supplement with their Duke admission application. Submit here.

Are there theater studies scholarships?
Although the Theater Studies Department is not able to offer talent-based scholarships, the Financial Aid office helps all students with their financial needs.

Are theater studies classes open to graduate students of other disciplines?
Yes, based on space availability and with the permission of their department. 

Is this a conservatory program where I can earn a B.F.A.?
No. The Theater Studies Department is a  liberal arts program. All majors graduate with a BA (Bachelor of Arts). Duke does not  issue Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees.