Auditions and Crew Call


Auditions for "Golem," by Neal Bell.

August 24 and 25
Sheafer Theater

In New York City, a few years after 9/11, after Abu Ghraib, four young artist friends ask themselves how far they will go to do something that matters.  Can they ever go back to September 10th, find love, or change the world?  Will they summon  a golem, a monster, to save them or will the golem have a mind of its own?

Please either prepare a contemporary monologue or come prepared to read sides from the script. A selection of sides will be provided at the audition to review and perform for the Director. If you choose to read sides, please try and arrive early in order to have time to read thru the sides and be ready to perform it at your selected audition time.

Cast of Characters:
Rachel - grad-student in acting, 22
Ari - grad-student in acting, 24
Gabe - grad-student in acting, 23
Parks - friend of Rachel, Ari and Gabe, grad-student in playwriting, 23
Cadden - a slick casting agent/Brzk - an Eastern European indie-movie director/ House Manager/ Voice - an unborn golem
Questions regarding the auditions, please contact the Director of Theater
Thomas Quintas:

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Auditions for "Life Is a Dream" by Pedro Calderón de la Barca 

November 8 and 9
127 Bryan Center

Rosaura – a stranger in a strange land – joins the monstrous prince Segismundo in the revolution against his father, King Basilio, and his powerful cousins, Astolfo and Estrella. But as the five fight, wondrous signs point to bigger questions: Is it all just a show? Is life just a dream? 

Come prepared with a monologue in verse or read sides from the script instead. Try to arrive early in order to read the sides in advance, before your scheduled audition time.

Casting for 11 roles

Rosaura, a gender-bending renegade on a mission of revenge
Clarion, Rosaura’s comic (and also tragic) sidekick
Segismundo, a monstrous prince        
Clotaldo, Segismundo’s jailer and the only father he’s known        
Astolfo, a smooth-tongued young royal and Rosaura’s former lover        
Estrella, a princess as shrewd as she is beautiful
Basilio, the King
4 Stagehands who plot and stage the revolution

ALL ARE WELCOME. Actors will be cast without regard to gender, race, age, or prior experience.

If you have questions, contact the Director of Theater Thomas Quintas: