Area 1: Acting, Directing

Number Title Codes Notes
THEATRST 145S Acting CCI, ALP Please note that THEATRST 145S Acting can satisfy either the Gateway requirement of the Theater Major, or its Area 1: Acting, Directing requirement, but not both. This class is offered graded-only, no S/U.
THEATRST 215 The Singing Actor: Song Interpretation for Musical Theater CCI, ALP New Course Fall 2023 ALP, CCI
THEATRST 221 Manifesto Workshop: Climate Change, Afro-/Solar Punk, and Performance CCI, EI, ALP New Course Fall 2023 ALP, CCI, EI
THEATRST 241 Cabaret Workshop CCI, ALP
THEATRST 242S The Art of Improvising ALP
THEATRST 243 Black Theater Workshop CCI, ALP
THEATRST 246S Shakespeare Studio ALP
THEATRST 255S Directing ALP Effective Academic Year 2022-2023, prerequisites will no longer be required.
THEATRST 275S Acting For the Camera ALP Prerequisite THEATRST 145S Acting
THEATRST 290S-2 Special Topics in Acting
THEATRST 340S Solo Performance W, ALP
THEATRST 345S Advanced Acting: Contemporary Texts ALP
THEATRST 347S The Moving and Sounding Body CCI, ALP
THEATRST 351S Directing Chekhov CCI, EI, ALP
THEATRST 380S-2 Playmaking for Actors and Directors: Collaboration from Page to Stage ALP Prerequisite: THEATRST 145S or THEATRST 255S
THEATRST 390S-1 Special Topics in Directing