About Us

We offer a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater Studies as well as two minors. Our courses are designed to encourage problem-solving in collaboration with others; effective communication with language, visual images, and bodily expression; and critical thinking. Our focus on the development of intellectual and artistic skills, through study and production experience, helps prepare students for careers not only in the professional theater but also in a wide variety of other fields.

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Theater Studies faculty are either scholars in dramatic literature, theater history, and performance studies, or they are theater professionals in acting, directing, design/theater technology, and writing for stage, film, and television. Classes are small, insuring a high level of interaction between students and faculty. Visiting artists and playwrights infuse our program with fresh artistic perspectives and new insights on the entertainment business.

Declaration of Values

We value:
  • Theater as a core component of a liberal arts education
  • Global citizenship fostering social awareness and valuing diversity 
  • Teaching at the intersection of critical and creative thinking 
  • Making theater with a focus on collaboration and the intent to foster student agency 
  • The creation of new work by students, faculty, and visiting artists and scholars
  • Strong teaching and student mentorship