Area 4: Dramatic Writing

Number Title Codes Notes
THEATRST 216S Writing the Musical Book W, ALP
THEATRST 273S Screenwriting W, ALP
THEATRST 280S Dramatic Writing W, ALP
THEATRST 282S Writing Movies and Plays: Adaptation W, ALP
THEATRST 284S How to Write a Horror Movie New Course Fall 2024. Cross-Lists CINE 281S, ENGLISH 223S. ALP, CCI, W.
THEATRST 285S Ready for Prime Time: Writing the Dramatic TV Episode W, ALP
THEATRST 380S-1 Playmaking for Writers: Collaboration from Page to Stage W, ALP Prerequisite: One dramatic writing course. See DukeHub.
THEATRST 390S-2 Special Topics in Dramatic Writing
THEATRST 425S Advanced Writing for Stage and Screen CCI, ALP