Mainstage Productions

Every year the department produces two mainstage plays under the direction of a member of the Theater Studies faculty or a guest professional. Students may participate in the production for course credit, during which time they analyze, research, rehearse, and present the play. Students may focus on acting, assistant directing, assisting in design, dramaturgy, stage management, or behind the scenes in technical production. The specific area of focus is determined through audition and/or arrangement with the instructor. All undergrads are welcome to audition.

In the course of four years of study, students can be involved in productions of plays both old and new, from all over the world. Participating in a mainstage production lends itself to a theater studies core value - development of artistic and intellectual skills through study and production experience, helping students prepare for careers in the professional theater OR in a any field where collaboration and communication skills are highly valued.

Production History