Independent Study

Independent Study is advanced inquiry into a field of special interest (acting, directing, playwriting/screenwriting, design/theater technology, dramatic literature, theater history, or performance studies.)  An Independent Study cannot duplicate available course offerings. Independent study proposals are accepted during pre-registration and registration. Each proposal must be approved and signed by the supervisor of the Independent Study project and by the Director of Undergraduate Studies. A proposal request form can be downloaded below or obtained in the Theater Studies office.

The student must have had 200-level course work in the general field of the proposal or otherwise have made acceptable preparation to study independently in that area of theater. 

Every Independent Study will involve research and a writing project. There are two types of Independent Study available in the Department of Theater Studies:

  • THEATRST 493-1 (Research Independent Study) is an intensive course that culminates in a research project with a substantive paper. You can fulfill their R (research) requirement for graduation, and earn a full-course credit.
  • THEATRST 291 (Independent Study) is individual directed study that results in an academic or artistic product. This course carries the ALP code and is a full credit, but does not fulfill the R (research) requirement for graduation.

Both a reading list and a description of the writing project must be submitted with the Independent Study proposal form. Students are expected to have tutorials with their supervisors at least once every two weeks.

Completed applications must be submitted to the DUS assistant in our offices at Page 109. The assistant will give a permission number to students whose applications have been approved by both the supervising professor and the Director of Undergraduate Studies.