Classix at Duke: The Alice Childress Project

The Department of Theater Studies is excited to announce that the theater collective CLASSIX is beginning a three-year artist residency at Duke. The residency is organized by Theater Studies faculty member Douglas A. Jones, Jr., around the legacy of ALICE CHILDRESS.

A pioneering playwright, novelist and critic, Childress was born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina. Her work is often a footnote in literary history and Black politics, but scholars and theater practitioners have recently begun recovering her significance to American thought and culture. CLASSIX is at the center of this effort, from the group’s award-winning production of Childress’ Wedding Band (2022) at Theatre for a New Audience to its brilliant podcast on her life and work.

Over the next several years, CLASSIX will join the Duke community to develop programming and research ventures based on Childress’ legacy, especially as it relates to her Carolina roots. Please note that the list below is preliminary. More details about Classix's residency at Duke will be added as they become available.

Spring 2024:

  • Jan 2024: Talk co-sponsored with the Center for Documentary Studies about Classix’s documentary work on writer-performers Bill Gunn and Kathleen Collins.
  • March 21, 2024: Conversation between Soyica Colbert and Awoye Timpo on the state of American theater. This event, still to be titled, will take place at 153 Holsti-Anderson Assembly Room in the Rubenstein Library.
  • Semester-long: Class visits from Classix members

Fall 2024:

  • Semester-long: Class visits from Classix members