Advanced Writing for Stage and Screen


'Advanced Writing for Stage and Screen' will look at the strengths of three dramatic art-forms - playwriting, screen and TV writing - and the particular challenge they share: the concept of 'dramatic action' which provides the 'motor' for a dramatic work. Initial writing exercises will explore these dramatic-writing forms, in conjunction with the study of representative plays, films and TV series. Final projects - a play, screenplay or TV pilot - will be discussed and critiqued in class as they progress, prior to a final rewrite. Prerequisite for this course is one previous dramatic writing course - either playwriting or screenwriting.


Prerequisite: One of these writing courses: ARTSVIS 303S; CINE 302S, 303S, 304S, 305S, 306S; ENGLISH 224S, 225S, 226S, 227S, 228S, 272SA, 316S-1, 317S; MUSIC 220S; THEATRST 216S, 273S, 280S, 282S, 282SA, 285S, 380S-1; VMS 220S, 321S, 338S, 360S, 387S.

Curriculum Codes
  • CCI
  • ALP
Cross-Listed As
  • CINE 425S
  • ENGLISH 422S
Typically Offered