Reading Theater in New York


Theater is a live art in which one assembly of people tells a story to another: the audience. This course introduces this art from two, interwoven perspectives. First we consider the scripts as artifacts of the past. We uncover the acting, directing, and design conventions that originally animated the scripts; the spaces for which they were intended; the audiences for whom they were performed. Then we consider the scripts as blueprints for the present with the guidance of guest artists in New York (some from Duke's alumni network) and site visits to theaters and rehearsal rooms. We see productions all plays, which are chosen from that season's offerings in New York.


Please note that 187A Reading Theater New York can satisfy an Area 2 or Gateway requirement, but not both.

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Curriculum Codes
  • CCI
  • ALP
  • CZ
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  • ENGLISH 187A
Typically Offered
Fall Only