Spring Mainstage: MEDEA

First produced in 431 BC, this ancient Greek tragedy is based on the myth of Jason, of Golden Fleece fame, and Medea, the former princess of the kingdom of Colchis. The plot centers on Medea’s desire for revenge against her unfaithful husband Jason--and the extreme measures she takes to satisfy it. This spring mainstage is also a distinction project from two of our graduating seniors María Zurita Ontiveros and Ash Jeffers. 

"Medea" by Euripides

translated by Michael Collier and Georgia Machemer
directed by María Zurita Ontiveros; designed by Ash Jeffers

Show dates and times

April 15: 7:30pm | April 17: 7:30pm | April 18: 2:00pm
This live event will be presented to a virtual audience. To reserve your space and to receive a link to your virtual seat, please visit: tickets.duke.edu


Cady Bailey (chorus); Christina Boxberger (chorus); Theo Cai (Aegeus); Harrison Cole (tutor); Anya Dombrovskaya (chorus); Kyerah Etheridge (chorus); Elise Gutierrez (chorus); Emi Hegarty (nurse); Sarah Jacobs (chorus); Daniel Kim (Jason); Bryant Lewis (Creon); Isa Mellody (messanger); and Tenley Seidel (Medea)