Duke Players Student Group

Duke Players is the student organization in the Department of Theater Studies.

Its members support the Department's productions by running auditions and working on production crews, promoting participation in theater by all Duke students, and by representing the interests of students who are involved in Theater Studies. Duke Players also produces one lab production each semester in addition to the Orientation Show it produces to acquaint incoming freshmen with the riches of theater at Duke.

Check out some past Duke Players Lab productions


All Theater Studies majors and minors are automatically members of Duke Players. Any other student who has actively participated in two Departmental productions (at least one of which is in a non-performance capacity) will be invited to become a member. Students involved in a production through a Theater Studies course which requires a production assignment may count that production toward membership. For more information, email one of the officers listed below. 

Current Duke Players Council

Co-Executive Producer: Valerie Muensterman, valerie.muensterman@duke.edu
Co-Executive Producer: Maria Zurita Ontiveros, maria.zurita.ontiveros@duke.edu
Secretary: Nathan Ostrowski, nathan.ostrowski@duke.edu 
Directing Liaison: Meg Hancock, megison.hancock@duke.edu
Playwriting Liaison: Brock Foreman, winston.foreman@duke.edu
Publicity Chair: Sharon Kinsella, sharon.kinsella@duke.edu
Membership Chair: Tara Maier, tara.maier@duke.edu
Acting Liaison: Andrew Spafford, andrew.spafford@duke.edu
Technical Liaison: Sarah Larkin, sarah.larkin@duke.edu
Financial Advisor: Grant Lyerly, grant.lyerly@duke.edu