The Curse of the Wendigo

man with bloody hand/mouth

Rory Eggleston

Spring, 2017

Senior distinction candidate Rory Eggleston has worked with project advisor Jody McAuliffe to create an original adaptation of Rick Yancey's horror novel The Curse of the Wendigo.  Rory chose to work with Duke Players to present the production in Sheafer Theater, a first for the student group.  The show will be fully designed and produced by the student team. 

For photos, please go here.


Will Henry - Paige Hetley

Pellinore Warthrop - Ryan Eichenwald

Muriel Chanler - Onastasia Ebright

Lilly Bates - Kit Devine

John Chanler - Bobby Lin

Sargeant Hawke - Hooman Azad

Jack Fiddler - Chaz Hawkins

Dr. Von Helrung - Eric Mungai

Detective/Various Roles - Marija Rudzite



Playwright - Rory Eggleston

Director - Sophie Caplin

Assistant Director - Molly Albright

Stage Manager - Chandler Richards

Costume Designer - Ashley Sage

Set Designer - Haley Enos

Original Score - Jon Aisenberg