Art as Work: Valuing Labor in the Arts


Interdisciplinary seminar on work, working identities, and workplace performances in the arts. Enrolled graduates and advanced undergraduates review theories of artistic production, labor, and value across the analytical traditions of cultural labor studies, critical race and feminist studies, dance and performance studies. Analysis of dominant representations of arts labor and entrepreneurship from arts management, administration and policy discourse. Our goal is to highlight institutional pressures that constrain enabling environments for the arts. Culminating research projects analyze and interpret local arts workworlds, including but necessarily students' own.
Curriculum Codes
  • CCI
  • EI
  • R
  • ALP
  • CZ
Cross-Listed As
  • ARTSVIS 571S
  • DANCE 561S
  • LIT 525S
  • VMS 571S
Typically Offered
Spring Only