Michael Quixote Fellmeth

Executive Director, Broadway Play Publishing, Inc.

Summer 2015 - Michael Quixote Fellmeth (T’92) has joined Broadway Play Publishing, Inc. as a managing partner, after spending 17 years with Dramatists Play Service. At Broadway Play Publishing, he will assume the title and responsibilities of Executive Director.

Winter 2007 - Michael Quixote Fellmeth (T’92) was recently named Vice President at Dramatists Play Service, Inc., in New York City, where he has been Director of Publications for the last eight years. He has recently served on panels on play publishing and the use of copyrighted intellectual property in plays at the Dramatists Guild of America and has established a new agency representing theatrical artwork at www.theatrelogos.com. At the Play Service, he is delighted to be in the process of publishing two new plays by former Duke playwriting professor Yussef El Guindi, Back of the Throat and two one-acts, Such a Beautiful Voice is Sayeda’s and Karima’s City.

Michael Quixote Fellmeth (T’92)