Daniel Karslake

Director, Producer

Summer 2014 - Daniel and Jeanne Hansell Robertson (T’87) have finished production on a feature length documentary called Every 3 Seconds about our modern search for meaning and the role each of us can play in the end of hunger and poverty.  Director/Producer Karslake and Executive Producer Hansell Robertson have announced that the film will be distributed by First Run Features and is to be released in October. The production team is partnering with Los Angeles-based studio, Participant Media, for the film's impact campaign and have forged partnerships with UNICEF and other global NGO’s around distribution of the film.

Spring 2011 - Daniel Karslake (T’87) is in the final weeks of shooting his next feature documentary film called Every Three Seconds about the blinding potential in each of us to change the world and why some step into that power and make a difference and so many others intend to make change, but never actually get around to it.  The film is being executive produced by former Hoof 'n’ Horn president, Jeanne Hansell Robertson (T '87.)  Karslake's last film, For the Bible Tells Me So, was named by “Entertainment Weekly” in their October 2010 issue as one of five movies that has changed the world.

Summer 2008 - Karslake will be in London on July 14th for the UK premiere of his film For the Bible Tells Me So at Queen Elizabeth Hall as part of the London Literature Festival. Sir Ian McKellen will introduce the film and following the screening, McKellen will interview Karslake and Bishop Gene Robinson, the openly gay bishop from New Hampshire who stars in the film.

Winter 2008 - Karslake continues to be involved with his documentary, For the Bible Tells Me So, that was recently screened at Duke, with him on hand. It made the short list of the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature and the DVD was released on February 19th.

Summer 2007 - Karslake (T’87) has had great success with his feature documentary, For the Bible Tells Me So, which looks at the intersection of religion and homosexuality. In January, the film had its world premiere at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival. It was screened in Berlin and then at the 10th Annual Full Frame Documentary Film Festival in Durham where it won the Katherine Bryan Edwards Award for Human Rights. At the Seattle International Film Festival, it won the Audience Award for Best Documentary and in the Provincetown International Film Festival, it won the HBO Audience Award for Best Documentary. The film is the  “centerpiece” documentary in OUTFEST:  The Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. He has signed a distribution deal with First Run Features for an October release.  For listings see <www.forthebibletellsmeso.org>.

Winter 2007 - Karslake’s feature documentary about the intersection of religion and homosexuality in America called For the Bible Tells Me So was just accepted into the US Documentary Competition of the 2007 Sundance Film Festival. Check out www.forthebibletellsmeso.org to find out more about the film.

Daniel Karslake (T’87)