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Theater Studies

Theater Studies produces plays in four venues on campus:


R.J. Reynolds Industries Theater

Reynolds Theater is located on West Campus in the Bryan Center. It is a proscenium stage with variable seating of up to 643. Like Page Auditorium, it hosts a variety of events and is similar in size of house and stage. However, unlike Page, it hosts primarily Duke events, such as Theater Previews at Duke productions, Hoof n' Horn musicals, Chamber Arts concerts, dance, and speakers.

The theater is a traditional proscenium house with a hydraulically operated orchestra pit. There are 571 permanent seats (rows A through R) with an additional 18 seats (row V) if needed. The house is raked at about 16 degrees; sightlines are excellent. The orchestra pit may be used at stage level as an extended apron; at audience level (3' below stage level) to accommodate additional seating or at orchestra level (6' below stage level, 3' below audience level). A removable pit rail with a flat black velour curtain is used when the pit is set at orchestra level.

The control booth for sound and lights is located at the rear of the house. There is room both left and right at the rear of the house for portable sound consoles; the permanent seats are not removable.

Reynolds Theater Dimensions:

Proscenium width: 35'-10" 
Proscenium height: 23'-6" 
Depth from plasterline to last line: 48'-8" to back wall: 53'-6" 
Width, centerline to stage left wall: 44'-0" to stage right wall: 61'-0" 
Grid height from stage floor: 60'-0

Loading onto the stage is through a sound door (12' x 12') located at the stage right wall, and onto a dock at the scene shop receiving area.

Emma A. Sheafer Laboratory Theater

Sheafer Theater is located on West Campus in the Bryan Center. It is a black box theater perfect for small-scale musicals and plays that demand intimacy between the actors and the audience. There are adjustable, portable seating platforms. Sheafer is often used for Theater Studies productions, student productions, and other University-related performance groups. It is designated primarily for the Department of Theater Studies. Like the Reynolds Theater, it has access to the scene shop through two large sound doors that connect the theater and the scene shop.

Brody Theater

Brody Theater is located in the Branson Building, which is located on East Campus on West Markham Avenue. It is also a black box with slightly more flexible seating. There are two long fixed seating platforms flanking the longer sides of the playing area that are built into the theater. Although seating is meant for these platforms, they have been used as playing area with seating in other locations surrounding the chosen playing space. Varied seating arrangements are possible (in the round, 3/4 round, proscenium, thrust), although problems with sightlines can arise.

209 East Duke Theater

209 East Duke is located in the East Duke Building on Campus Drive near the Main Street entrance to East Campus. Room 209 is a combination lecture room/studio theater with fixed seating (capacity 80) which is used for small scale productions.

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