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Theater Studies

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Join Jody McAuliffe's senior colloquium class for a discussion of MACHINAL and PARADE on April 16 at 3:05 in Sheafer Theater.

    • machinal poster
    • Photo Credit: Mary Humphrey

Check out senior Hillary Spiritos' post about her evolution to theater studies major here.

New Works Festival casts announced here.

Above, video montage of Uncle Vanya

Theater Studies faculty, students and associates make a huge splash in the Triangle's "Best Theater of 2013" - check it out here!

Photos from OBIE award winning The Builders Association workshop with the Liveness: Digital Media and Performance FOCUS class held Nov. 2-3.

    • builders1
    • builders2
    • 20131103 152919
    • 20131103 145046
    • 20131103 144322
    • 20131103 112254
    • 20131103 111853
    • 20131103 111650
    • 20131103 104152
    • 20131102 144745
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Below, photos of guest playright Branden Jacobs-Jenkins visiting senior colloquium (joined by advanced writing class), where students give a reading of his play Octoroon.

    • branden reading
    • branden6 reading
    • branden4 reading
    • branden3 reading
    • branden5 reading
    • branden2 reading
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Duke in Chicago!
Click here to learn more about the new program in Chicago - a six-week, two course credit program for entrepreneurs who love the arts and for artists who want to become entrepreneurial.

Uncle Vanya trailer!

Check out this article about three Duke Theater Studies professors!

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