The Wild Duck Has Wings

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Wild Duck opened to last weekend to rave reviews from other faculty members.  Department chair Jeff Storer called it "a wonderful collaboration", saying that "performances were strong and the story told with clarity and passion."  By careful staging and elimination of unnecessary business, director Jody McAuliffe has pared Ibsen's classic drama down to a very tight 90 minutes of intense emotions.  Playwright Neal Bell had this to say after viewing the Sunday performance: "Theater Studies at Duke has just knocked one out of the park... It's a great play - poetic, brutal, funny, mysterious, beautiful... and director Jody McAuliffe has gotten performances out of her student cast, that do justice to this engrossing, suspenseful, finally shattering play. Haunting set by Torry Bend - beautiful costumes, lighting and sound design... and how surprisingly timely it feels, this play about waking up - with a sickening jolt - from the soothing 'Life-Lies' that have kept us safe and happy (and deluded - or, to be more precise, BECAUSE deluded.)"

There are four performances remaining, Nov. 17, 18 and 19 at 8:00pm and Sunday, Nov. 20 at 2:00pm.  Go here for tickets and here for more information.