Legal Issues for the Performing Arts

An overview of copyright, contract, discrimination, employment, obscenity and other laws relevant to performing arts through readings and discussion of case law, statues, sample legal documents, news reports and other materials. Includes exposure to legal issues for non-profit boards. Cuts across these legal issues to examine how our legal system is a useful tool in promoting creation of artistic works. Instructor: Ellison. One course. C-L: Public Policy  363s, Economics 223s, Dance 379s

Non-Profit Cultural Institutions

Non-profit cultural institutions are an integral part of arts communities at all levels: national, regional, local. Through readings, projects and service-learning, students gain an overview of non-profit cultural organization formation, management, operational structures, governance challenges, board member responsibilities and situational ethics. Explores historical and present functions and social structures in which non-profit tax-exempt organizations operate.

Sport As Performance

Sport As Performance. Sport as ritual, spectacle, and performance explored through theatre, performance studies, sociology, anthropology, and history. Topics range from professional and collegiate team sports to individual athletic performances, in both domestic and global contexts. The performance aspects and ethics of race, gender, sexuality, and nation in live sport and in the media are examined. Coursework consists of written assignments, short papers, mid-term and final exam. Guest speakers from the worlds of athletics and theater visit the class during the semester. One course.