Women Beware Women

Women Beware Women
Fall, 2012
Written By: Thomas Middleton, adapted by Jaybird O’Berski
Directed By: Jaybird O’Berski

Director Jaybird O'Berski, Theater Studies faculty, says that Thomas Middleton's 17th century Women Beware Women burns with feverish characters who manipulate the desires and fears of both their enemies and friends. This lost classic hums with the sensuality of a film noir and howls with comedic characters that spiral into a passion pit of their own making. O'Berski cast women to play all roles in the play.

“We’re doing this play now because of the extreme power and intellect of the young women currently involved in making theater at Duke,” says O’Berski. “In a time where reactionary forces are attempting to inflict damage on the basic human and reproductive rights of women, it seemed apropos to create work where female characters live freely and create their own rules. Women Beware Women is a play about a righteous questioning of presumed morality, where sexuality and class trump traditional gender roles, where love eats itself and tastes delicious.”

Women Beware Women
by Thomas Middleton
Director Jay O'Berski

Set Designer
Torry Bend
Sound Design
Professor Xavier with Lulu & Belly
"Dream on a Sitar" mixed by Donzi
Costume Designer
Chelsea Kurtzman
Text and Vocal Coaches
Ellen Hemphill & Dana Marks
Lighting Designer
Chuck Catotti
Stage Manager
Don Tucker
Jules Odendahl-James

Asst. Stage Managers
Kristian King & Kathy Zhu

The Company of Actors

Mom Athelia Paulli
Tia Bailey Parks
Bianca Lucy Goodson
Guardiano Jamie Bell
Fabritio Jazmine Noble
Livia Molly Forlines
Isabella Kelly McCrum
Hippolita Karen Wilmer
The Ward Ritza Calixte
The Duchess Alyssa Wong
Spectre Eve St. Lin