The Wild Duck

The Wild Duck
Fall, 2016
Written By: Henrik Ibsen
Directed By: Jody McAuliffe

Theater Studies professor Jody McAuliffe directed an undergraduate cast in Henrik Ibsen's classic drama The Wild Duck for the department's mainstage in fall of 2016.  Ibsen, one of the most influential dramatists since Shakespeare, wrote the play in 1884.  McAuliffe selected a new version by playwright David Eldridge that premiered in 2005.  The cast featured Duke undergraduates Will Burns, Melissa Carrico, Brandon Dawson, Ashley Ericson, Will Francis, Chaz Hawkins, Peishu Li, George Lucas, and Valerie Muensterman, with Hunter Stark as stage manager.  Theater Studies professor Torry Bend designed the set and NC theater artists Sonya Drum and Roz Fulton designed costumes and lighting, respectively.  The show ran November 11-20, 2016. 

Following the Nov. 18th performance, the audience was invited to stay for a conversation between the director and Professor Toril Moi, author of Henrik Ibsen and the Birth of Modernism.

Should the truth be pursued whatever the cost?  The idealistic son of a wealthy businessman seeks to expose his father’s duplicity and to free his childhood friend from the lies on which his happy home life is based.  The Wild Duck—"electrifying, shocking and profoundly moving"-- with its innovative symbolism and its touching portrait of a fourteen-year-old girl held in thrall by her feckless father is one of Ibsen’s most frequently staged plays. 

CAST (in order of appearance)

Peishu Li                               (Petterson, servant to Håkon Werle)                       

Brandon Dawson                  (Jensen, a hired waiter) 

George Lucas                       (Old Ekdal)

Will Francis                           (Håkon Werle, a wholesale merchant)                    

Chaz Hawkins                       (Gregers Werle, his son)                                                                                                        

Will Burns                             (Hjalmar Ekdal, Old Ekdal’s son)

Valerie Muensterman           (Mrs. Sorby, housekeeper to Håkon Werle)            

Melissa Carrico                     (Gina, Hjalmar’s wife)                                              

Ashley Ericson                      (Hedvig, their daughter)                        

Peishu Li                               (Relling, a doctor)                                           

Brandon Dawson                  (Molvik, formerly a student of theology)                                                               


Jody McAuliffe             Director

Torry Bend                  Scenic designer

Sonya Drum                Costume designer

Roz Fulton                   Lighting designer

Benjamin Daniels         Sound designer

Madeleine Lambert     Voice coach

Kathleen Baum            Movement specialist

Tim Domack                Props master

Kathryn Veillette          Scenic painter

Lindsey Young             Assistant lighting designer

RUN CREW                                  

Hunter Stark                Stage manager

Tiffany Ho                    Assistant stage manager

Bobby Lin                    Assistant stage manager

Savion Elliot                 Assistant stage manager

Camille Esnault            light board operator

Eli Shipman                 sound board operator

Serene Cheng             costume assistant/wardrobe crew

Leif Hey                       props assistant

Chelsea Southworth    props/wardrobe crew

Set construction crew: Chandler McMillan, Haley Enos, Michael Lewis, Jennifer Du, Veohnti Afokpa, Estelle He, Leif Hey, Peter Moran


Marcy Edendfield     production manager

Rich Kless                  technical director

David Berberian       scene shop supervisor

Kay Webb                 costume shop supervisor

Jessica Reveal         box office manager

Technicians:  Leah Austin,  Nick Bungato, Brian Hunt, John Kolba, Austin Powers, Nick Raffaele

Box office staff: Jessica Reveal, Leslie Fowler

 Photography by Les Todd

Graphic design by Miel Design Studio

Videography by Alex Maness

Produced by Dierdre Shipman, Director of Theater for the Department of Theater Studies