Vinegar Tom

Vinegar Tom
Fall, 2017
Written By: Caryl Churchill
Directed By: Jules Odendahl-James

The real definition of witch hunt: a community targets its weakest members as “other”, then uses law and religion to persecute and destroy them. It’s no coincidence the victims are female identified. What was true in 1670 is eerily true in 2017. Theater Studies presents a play about power, sex and witches (with songs!) by acclaimed British playwright Caryl Churchill, directed by Dr. Jules Odendahl-James. Supported by funding from the Mary Duke Biddle Foundation, Theater Studies has brought in Duke alum and local composer Bart Matthews  to lead the punk-rock influenced music that punctuates the script, performing with the undergraduate cast of 9, featuring Anshu Dwibhashi, Ashley Ericson, Alex Felix,  Liddy Grantland,  Shaina Lubliner, Valerie Muensterman, Judy Riviere,  Andrew Spafford, and Maria Zurita Ontiveros.  On top of Sonya Drum's set design, students from Raquel Salvatella DePrada's visual studies class are designing video projections to highlight certain scenes.  Expect an intense journey back and forth through time as the 9 actors present 21 scenes punctuated by songs, music and video, propelling us from the 17th to the 21st century to see just how much things have changed even as they remain the same.

Production dates: November 9-19, 2017

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The performance on Friday, November 17 will be followed by a post-show discussion:
Where have the Witches Gone? Where are the Witches Now? 
Vinegar Tom Then and Now. 
Join the cast and members of the creative team after the Friday, November 17th performance as they welcome Duke faculty Kimberly Lamm (Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies), Thomas Robisheaux (History, Medieval and Renaissance Studies), and Corina Stan (English). These experts will discuss “bad” women in art and popular culture; the personal and political motivations behind witch trials across place and time; and the early work and influences of playwright Caryl Churchill.

NOTE:  This play is intended for a mature audience and depicts scenes of sexual and gender violence. Please exercise self-care in choosing to engage with this material.

If you are a student at Duke University (of any gender) and are a victim-survivor of gender violence, harassment, or stalking, contact Duke’s Women's Center 24/7 about confidential services. The center (in Crowell Hall, East Campus) is open Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm. Or you can call 919-684-3897, email, or walk in no appointment necessary. After-hours, weekends, holidays: send a page 919-970-2108 or email



Anshu Dwibhashi - Jack

Ashley Ericson - Ellen

Alex Felix - Betty

Liddy Grantland - Joan

Shaina Lubliner - Margery

Valerie Muensterman - Alice

Judy Riviere - Goody

Andrew Spafford - The Man, Doctor, Packer

Maria Zurita Ontiveros- Susan


Jules Odendahl-James, Director

Bart Matthews, Music Director/ Arranger /Musician

Sonya Drum, Set Design

Derrick Ivey, Costume Design

Chuck Catotti, Lighting Design

Evan K. Rowe, Sound Design

Tracy Francis, Stage Manager

Morgan Fears, Assistant Stage Manager

Jessica Tanner, Assistant Director

Jeff A. R. Jones, Fight Consultant

Raquel Salvatella DePrada, Video Design Coordinator

Lexi Bass, Video Design Coordinator

Tim Domack, Prop Master

David Berberian, Scene Shop Supervisor

Kay Webb, Costume Shop Supervisor

Marcy Edenfield, Production Manager

Rich Kless, Technical Director

Dierdre Shipman, Producer


Light Board Operator, Connor Hazen

Sound Board Operator, Ian Holtz

THEATRST 350.2 Management and Tech class

Morgan Fears

Jihwan Hwang

Martin Li

Eric Song

Angela Wei

Emma Weitzhandler

Set construction

George Lucas

Abby Nacional

Ashley Jeffers

Meredyth Albright

Grace Francese

Jennifer Du

Brendan Powers


Costume production

Micki Haralson

Elena McNiece

Carly McGregor

Patrick Jenkins

Angela Wei

Jihwan Hwang

Visual/video/graphic design contributors

(students of ARTSVIS/THEATRST 290S Animation, Comics & Theater)

Sophie Caplin

Lizzet Clifton

Alex Dai

Annie Gonzales

Ryan Hill

Paschalia Nsato

Lydia Paxton

Geng Sng

Wei Tan

Hannah Waleh


Lighting design and production crew

(students of THEATRST 263S Lighting Design)

Eamon Glavin

Wendy Lau

Meredyth Albright

Morgan Fears

Connor Hazen

Michelle Larsen

Judy Riviere