The Perfect Detonator

The Perfect Detonator
Fall, 2014
Written By: Jody McAuliffe
Directed By: Jody McAuliffe

The Perfect Detonator, Professor Jody McAuliffe's adaptation of Joseph Conrad's The Secret Agent, opens Thursday, November 13 in Sheafer Theater in the Bryan Center. McAuliffe’s adaptation follows Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber, as he reads The Secret Agent. In the process, Conrad’s fictional tale of a 19th century anarchist bomb plot in London intersects with Ted Kaczynski’s real life bomb plots in the United States. The Secret Agent follows members of an anarchist cell in 1886 London as they plan to bomb a major symbol of science and industrialization at the time, the Greenwich Observatory. "Like the Unabomber, Conrad saw industrial society as at odds with the human heart,” McAuliffe said.

The Perfect Detonator
Adapted and Directed by Jody McAuliffe
From Joseph Conrad's The Secret Agent

Set Designer
Sonya Drum
Ben Daniels
Costume Designer
Tilly Grimes
Clay Taliaferro
Lighting Designer
Roz Fulton-Dahlier
Vocal Coach
Madeleine Lambert

Video Designer
William Noland

Frank Lentricchia

Asst. Director/Stage Manager
Diana Dai

Asst Stage Manager
Melissa Carrico


ENSEMBLE listed alphabetically

Mike Basmajian Heat, Michaelis, Bomber, Strange Gentleman, Railway Worker
Julia Donnell Winnie Verloc
Rachel Freedman Winnie's Mother, Bomber, Sir Ethelred, Strange Gentleman, Railway Worker
Thomas Kavanagh Ted, Great Lady, Horse, Professor
Emily Levinstone Karla Yundt, Vladimir, Bomber, Constable, Strange Gentleman, Railway Worker
Dan McGough Verloc
Nick Orr Ossipon, Assistant Commissioner, Driver of Deathcab
Madeline Taylor Stevie, Toodles
  Special appearance by Frank Lentricchia as Lord Daddy Lombrosis