This Is Our Youth

This Is Our Youth
Spring, 2014
Written By: Kenneth Lonergan
Directed By: Kelly McCrum

THIS IS OUR YOUTH by Kenneth Lonergan takes us into the apartment of Dennis Zeigler, a doped-up, manipulative twenty-something. When his troubled best friend Warren shows up with $15,000 dollars that he stole from his abusive father, they and their friend Jessica start having to face the consequences of their actions.

This Is Our Youth
by Kenneth Lonergan
Director Kelly McCrum

Technical Director
Austin Powers
Stage Manager
Yara Alemi
Props/Costume Mistress
Faye Goodwin
Props Assistant
Teddy Ward
Lighting Designer
Zach Wiener



                     Judson Taylor Dennis Ziegler
                     Julian Spector Warren Straub
                     Diana Dai Jessica Goldman