Spring, 2013
Written By: Young Jean Lee
Directed By: Jody McAuliffe

Fiercely talented contemporary New York playwright Young Jean Lee has written a freaky, postmodern take on Shakespeare’s greatest play, King Lear.  As Lee describes her highly original version: “the kids are in the palace, they’ve just kicked the fathers out into the storm; they pretend they’re fine, then realize they’re not.”  This is a strange, funny, deeply moving meditation on children and their fathers.

Young Jean Lee visited Duke February 16 to meet and work with the cast and creative team.

by Young Jean Lee
Director Jody McAuliffe

Set Designer
Torry Bend
Fight Director
Jeff A.R. Jones
Costume Designer
Sonya Drum
Stage Manager
Mike Myers
Lighting Designer
Roz Fulton
Asst. Stage Manager
Hillary Spiritos
Clay Taliaferro
Asst. Director/Sound Board Operator
Alpha Tessema
Jules Odendahl-James
Light Board Operator
Brandon Braxton
Bryan Christian
Asst. Set Designer
Abby Starnes


The Company of Actors

Conrad Haynes Edgar, Conrad, Gordon
Madeleine Roberts Regan, Maddy, Susan
Jazmine Noble Goneril, Jazmine, Maria
Max Tabet Edmund, Max, Big Bird
Faye Goodwin Cordelia, Faye, Olivia