Spring, 2015
Written By: Lucy Prebble
Directed By: Talya Klein

Enron, a modern day morality play, charts the notorious rise and fall of Enron, the company that caused one of the most infamous financial scandals in global history. A blend of documentary-style realism, savage comedy, magical absurdism and epic spectacle worthy of a Greek Tragedy, Enron is a narrative of greed and loss that casts a new light on the financial turmoil in which the world finds itself today.

By Lucy Prebble
Directed by Talya Klein

Set Design
Tilly Grimes
Sound Design
Adam Lindquist
Costume Design
Sonya Drum
Video Design
Jon Haas
Lighting Design/Fight Choreography
Jesse Belsky
Stage Manager
Kara Post

Talya Klein & Aubrey Snowden

Movement Coach
Kali Quinn


Tim Domack

Voice Coach
Madeleine Lambert


Ensemble in alphabetical order

Ben Hatt 

Jeffrey Skilling 

Emery Jenson 

Ramsay/Trader/Lehman Brother/ Security Guard 

Leila Kaji


George Lucas 

Lawyer/Deutsche Bank/Trader 

Samantha Meyers 


Judy Riviere 

Kenneth Lay 

Devesh Sharma 

Trader/Raptor/Richard Grubman/Judge 

Colleen Sharp 

Arthur Anderson/Trader/Raptor 

Madeline Taylor 

Claudia Roe

Jefferson Thomas 

Cynthia Wang 

Harmony Zhang 

Andy Fastow 

Gayle/Trader/Lehman Brother/Lawyer 2