The Braveness of Jane

The Braveness of Jane
Spring, 2016
Written By: Faye Goodwin
Directed By: Nancy Merlin

Written by Duke student Faye Goodwin, The Braveness of Jane works on multiple levels, offering an entertaining story rich in its exploration of mental health, depression and personal discovery. When Jane receives an anonymous letter from someone begging to be rescued, she embarks on a journey across a vast ocean, filled with terrifying monsters, powerful gods, and few allies to assist her along the way.


Wesley Caretto (Henry)

Morgan Fears (Person C/Sea Monster/Kevin/Monk 3/Nun/Minotaur)

Madeleine Pron (Emmeline)

Marija Rudzite (Person B/God 1/Monk 2/Nun)

Colleen Sharp (Puppeteer, Props Mistress)

Jefferson Thomas (Person A/God 1/Monk 1)

Production Team

Kari Barclay (Lighting Design)

Faye Goodwin (Playwright, Production Design)

Nancy Merlin (Director, Sound Design)

Chandler Richards (Lightboard Operator)

Paul Sapp (Stage Manager)

Harmony Zhang (Costume Designer)