Jody McAuliffe

Jody McAuliffe

Professor of the Practice of Theater Studies

External Address: 
109G Page, Professor of the Practice, Durham, NC 27708
(919) 660-3363

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My Man Ray. Director, Producer, Writer. (1988)

Goin' A Buffalo. Director. (2008)


GOIN' A BUFFALO. Center for Documentary Studies

RODINA. Director. (2008)


Scenes of Secrecy Interdisciplinary Inquiries on Suspicion, Intelligence and Security, Duke University

My Man Ray. Director, Producer, Writer. (1988)

Camouflage. Composer, Director. (1992)

Roe's Bouquet. Director. (1992)

Tapestry Room opera project. Dramaturg. (2018)

Eleanor/In Her Own Words. Consultant. (1985)


KCET/Taper Media

Dr. Ruth. Producer. (1981)


MGM Television

Tom Cottle, Up Close. Producer. (1981)


1981 - 1982. Metromedia Producers.

Now You See Me. Director. (2010)


by Neal Bell

The Beatification of Area Boy. Director. (2010)


by Wole Soyinka

Skies, Cries, Mysteries and Some Horses. Actor. (1992)


Two Evenings of Dance by Clay Taliaferro

Lizzadro. Actor. (1991)

Hans und Zuruck. Director. (1987)


by Hindemith

Giantess by Genne Murphy. Director. (2016)

The Wild Duck. Director. (2016)

We Are Pussy Riot by Barbara Hammond. Director, Dramaturg. (2016)

Drown by David Hilder. Director. (2014)


Great Plains Theatre Conference, Guest Artist, Workshop Instructor, Mainstage Reading Director, PlayLab Panelist

The Perfect Detonator. Director, Writer. (2014)

Lear. Director. (2013)


by Young Jean Lee

Let Us Now Praise Susan Sontag. Dramaturg. (2013)


by Sibyl Kempson, Duke Theater Previews New Works Lab


A Stampede of Zebras. Director. (1996)


National Science Foundation Betacam SP Video

Academic Integrity: The Bridge to Professional Ethics. Director. (1994)


National Science Foundation. Betacam SP Video

Selected Grants

Gulag Follies awarded by Josiah Charles Trent Memorial Foundation (Principal Investigator). 2008 to 2009