Cheryl Chamblee (T'97) & Tamara Kissane (T'95)

Summer 2013 - Cheryl Chamblee (T'97) is now the Executive Director of the Chatham County Arts Council.  She's also working on commission toward a new script—co-written with Tamara Kissane (T'95).

Spring 2009 - Chamblee is currently co-writing a new play with Tamara Kissane (T’95) exploring themes of abundance among Durham community members.  She and Tamara are co-artistic directors of both hands theatre company, and their most recent script, up styx creek, was the inspiration for a new theater piece by Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern.  Cheryl is also a playwriting and theater instructor with the Carrboro Arts Center’s ArtsCenter AfterSchool and Youth Performing Arts Conservatory.

Summer 2008 - Chamblee recently co-wrote and directed @ liberty, which was performed at Durham's historic Liberty Warehouse in celebration of the tenth anniversary of both hands theatre company.  Cheryl co-founded the company with Tamara Kissane (T'95).  Cheryl and Tamara are currently writing up styx creek, an adaptation/re-telling of four Greek myths to be produced in association with Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern. Cheryl is Greenfire Development's artist-in-residence in downtown Durham.

Winter 2008 - Chamblee is writing a new script with Tamara Kissane (T’95) for both hands theatre company’s 10th anniversary show early in 2008. Tamara and Cheryl’s recent original script, the parent project, was just recognized by The Independent Weekly as one of the Triangle’s Best Original Scripts of 2007.  Cheryl’s other recent work has included directing both hands’ production of holding pattern at Manbites Dog Theater, leadership of the writing and arranging of a children’s play titled You Just Never Know What the Future Will Bring, and teaching movement and writing workshops in the Triangle area

Summer 2007 - Chamblee is Co-Artistic and Managing Director of both hands theatre company in Durham.  She recently directed a new both hands original, the parent projectthe parent project was co-created with Tamara Kissane (T’95), and featured work by Marshall Botvinick (T’06), Alberto Mendoza (T’06), Cynthia de Miranda (T’91) and Adam Sampieri (T’03).  Cheryl is preparing to direct a new play for both hands this fall.

Winter 2007 - Cheryl Chamblee (T'97) recently co-created and performed both hands theatre company's exactly what t(w)o do with Tamara Kissane (T'95) and Adam Sampieri (T'03) as part of Manbites Dog Theater's Other Voices Series. She is currently creating both hands' next original work, the parent project, with Tamara and many other both hands theatre company artists and friends. She is proud to be Greenfire Development's downtown Durham artist-in-residence.

Summer 2006 - Chamblee and partner-in-crime Tamara Kissane (T'95) are directing their original play brooms-a play about saying yes, a both hands theatre company project at Durham's Manbites Dog Theat