Visiting Artist Performances

Friday, March 16, 2018
Kali Quinn Duke Visiting Artist

Please join us for two upcoming shows by Kāli Quinn, performance artist, violinist and educator. Through the transformation of familiar objects, montages and music, Kāli Quinn’s two performances share everyday stories that tap into themes of medicine and spirit, grief and gifts. Ultimately, they speak to how we better care for ourselves and each other through the generations.

VAMPING: Aging, Memory Loss, & End-of-Life Ethics brings viewers into a nursing care facility where Eleanor longs for her home of sixty-three years. As she moves through medical testing and care for Alzheimer's Disease, she attempts to make sense of fractured memories, reckon with her regret, and somehow begin to face her imminent death. March 22, 2018 at 5:15pm in Great Hall

OVERTURE TO A THURSDAY MORNING: Grief, Identity & Coming of Age Through Parental Loss When rock-star wannnabe Lila inherits all of her mother's things upon her mother’s death, she discovers the astonishing truth about her own birth in an infant home for "unwed" mothers. This performance is a suspenseful and inspiring journey that questions the will to go on and who to take with you. March 27, 2018 at 5:15pm in Goodson Chapel

Kāli Quinn  has been in residence in the Duke Theater Program as a Movement Designer on Uncle Vanya, Machinal, and Enron. Her two solo shows about grief and intergenerational dialogue have been performed at universities and festivals throughout the country including Brown University Creative Medicine Series, Full Circle Festival of Aging and Los Angeles Women’s Solo Festival. Quinn has performed and taught at numerous theater companies and universities, most recently including MIT, Brown University and Accademia dell’Arte (Arezzo, Italy). In 2016, she completed a national tour of her new book, I Am Compassionate Creativity. See