O'Berski in China

Friday, August 1, 2014
O'Berski in China

Professor Jaybird O'Berski was in China this summer working with migrant workers, along with recent Duke graduate Shucao Mo. Below are visual dispatches from Beijing with captions.

Jaybird and his new friend Caesar (adult pictured) visited an English class in a school for the children of migrant workers. They taught them a game called Fruitbowl that he plays with acting classes at Duke.
PS He says the pro actors here already knew Big Booty (a favorite of Duke students)!

O'Berski's host and Duke alum Shucao Mo directs the migrant workers at Skin Village in a scene about a homeless man who finds a baby in a trash bag.

O'Berski says, "I've been consensually conscripted into giving improv workshops here. The actors are passionate, hilarious and starving for direction. There are NO improv teachers here but the demand is huge considering the rate of business and cultural expansion. Doing two or three more next week with Beijing's 8+ improv teams. Massive, towering honor!"