Class of 2024: Ben Davies

Ben Davies with confetti background

Ben Davies is a graduating senior with majors in Italian Studies and Theater Studies and has served as a Trinity Ambassador for the Department of Theater Studies. Trinity Ambassadors are student volunteers, nominated by their departments, to serve in this unique and important role.

We asked a few of the ambassadors from the Class of 2024 to share their favorite memories from Duke. The below interview has been slightly edited for clarity.

What was one of the most impactful classes you took during your time at Duke?

Intro to Acting was the first theater class I took at Duke and without it, I wouldn't have decided to pursue a major in Theater Studies. Even with masks, the sheer joy and freedom of expression that the scenes and exercises facilitated made it such a highlight of my time here. 

What will you miss the most about Duke after graduation?

I'm incredibly appreciative of the communities I've managed to find here, be those from theater, my SLG, Small Town Records or the Fluke News. I have so many great memories with so many people and looking back is going to be bittersweet.

What will you do after graduation and how did Duke help prepare you for what’s next?

Studies in Italian and Theater have given me both the skills and zeal necessary for living in Italy and working in the entertainment industry. So, this summer, I'm planning on doing an internship at a dubbing studio in Rome and giving both of those things a go!