Auditions for Duke Players and Antic Shake!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015
Auditions for Duke Players and Antic Shake!

Auditions for Duke Players' fall show, Comic Potential, will be held Sept. 1 (7 to 9) , Sept. 2 (7:30 to 9) in Brody Theater, and auditions for Antic Shakespeare Company's upcoming season will be held Sept. 6 between 3 and 5 pm in Brody. Email jaybirdandronicus@gmail to sign up for a time for Antic Shake!

And for Duke Players: Sign up here: Please prepare a two-minute monologue, preferably comic (here are two monologues from the show if you don't have one prepped. These would not need to be memorized: and Please also prepare a thirty second comic wordless scene. Think about how to tell a story just through movement.

The ability to love and laugh are major factors in what make us human. How then, might we react when we see these qualities in someone not quite human? In the not so distant future, Chandler "Chance" Tate was a hotshot comedy director in the day, but now he is reduced to directing cheap soaps with actoids, programmed android actors. When young Adam Trainsmith, a hopeful comedy writer and a huge admirer of Chance in his glory days, arrives in the studio, one of the actoids, JCF 31333 (or Jacie, as Adam calls her) seems to develop a programming fault: she laughs! No one quite understands how this happens, but soon enough she and Adam fall in love and elope. Hijinks ensue in this hilarious and thought provoking show!

If you want to get involved with tech, email Even if you have no experience, we're able to train you in sound and lighting!