Musical Theater Workshop showing

Tuesday, December 5, 2017


The end-of-semester showing for the Musical Theater Performance Workshop class (THEATRST 211) will take place Tuesday, December 5 at 7:00p in Sheafer Theater.  There is no charge for admission.  Under direction from Professor Thomas F. DeFrantz, who also choregraphed, students will present classic Broadway numbers that showcase their talents and highlight what they've been working on over the semester with accompanist and vocal coach Glenn Mehrbach. The class encompasses a wide-ranging group, freshmen to seniors, whose majors include Biology, Engineering, Psychology, and Neuroscience. Students participating in the workshop include Gustavo Andrade, Clara Bird, Leah Goldman, Cole Jenson, Kylie Jordan, Sharon Kinsella,  Savannah Lynn, Alyssa Marsh, Amanda May, Catie Miller, Ayden Sng, Sam Warshauer, and Madelyn Winchester.

Photo by Dierdre Shipman of the 2015 workshop, pictured (l to r): Anna Merryman, Maddie Rusch, Rebekah Wellons, Maddie Tsiang

Musical Theater Workshop showing

Sheafer Theater