Theater in London: Performance (DS4)

Theater in London: Performance (DS4).  The stages of realization of a play or musical from the script to the production, focusing on productions in London. Aspects of theatrical performance through scene work, discussions, and workshops with British theater practitioners, observation of theater at work, and supervised projects. (London summer program.)  One course. 

Theater in London: Text

Theater in London: Text.Drama in performance from the Greeks to the present based on performances offered by the Royal Shakespeare Company, Royal National Theatre, and other theaters in London. Twenty plays will be seen and studied. Satisfies Area I, II, or III requirement for English majors, as determined by instructor. (London summer program.) One course.

Cabaret Workshop

Cabaret Workshop. Creation of a cabaret performance (solos and ensemble work) borrowing elements drawn from comedy, drama, music, dance, as well as other contemporary performable art forms, using European Cabaret form at the turn of century where social commentary, debate, questioning and provocation prevailed, as a model. One the twentieth course.