Special Topics in Mainstage Production

Special Topics in Mainstage Production. Students participate in the production of a theatrical text for public performance. Students analyze, research, rehearse, and produce a play under the direction of a member of the Theater Studies faculty or a guest professional. Students may focus on acting, directing, design, dramaturgy, management, or production; specific area of focus will be determined through audition and/or arrangement with the instructor. Consent of instructor required. May be repeated for credit. One course. 

Special Topics in Theater Studies Workshop

Special Topics in Theater Studies Workshop.  Research, study, and exploration of a selected dramatic text or texts, other performance material, and/or particular aspects of performance (historical, cultural, textual, or stylistic). Emphasis on the process of investigating a text - both in theory and in practice. Culminates in performance or presentation. May be repeated for credit. Consent of instructor required. One course.

The Dramatic Monster: Horror on Stage and Screen

The Dramatic Monster: Horror on Stage and Screen.  The evolving image of the "monster" on stage and screen, from the Victorian melodrama Sweeny Todd to the psychological-horror shocker Audition. Students will give oral reports (with appropriate clips) on horror movies past and present, beginning with the classic silent Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Focus on how anxieties of different eras give rise to the different nightmares that play themselves out in the darkness of our theaters.One course.