Directing Chekhov

Directing Chekhov. Seminar in directing with emphasis on directing actors, demonstration and laboratory exercises, text analysis, and rehearsal techniques. Examination of rehearsal working methods, development of performance choices,exploration of material and process with emphasis on the plays of Chekhov. Explores visual and conceptual material of directing, and problems of working in performance. Includes a video project--students videotape their directing work and accomplish post-production--edit and production of a digital video file.

Mainstage Production

Students participate in the production of a theatrical text for public performance. Students analyze, reserach, rehearse, and produce a play under the direction of a member of the Theater Studies faculty or a guest professional. Students may focus on acting, directing, design, dramaturgy, management, or production; specific area of focus will be determined through audition and/or arrangmeent with the instructor. Consent of instructor required. May be repeated for credit. Instructor: Staff. One course.

Voice and Body Gesture Theater

ALP Exercises designed for breath control, ear training and the spoken word, with emphasis on the theatrical use of the voice in gestural theater, in order to strengthen, free, and develop the natural range of the voice with the support of the body. Individual and ensemble work. Pre-req: Theatrst 145S or 248S (or consent of Instructor). One course. 

Solo Performance

Solo Performance. ALP, W The makings of solo performance. Creation of personal presentation through journal writing, memory exploration, and personal interests. Exploration of text through voice work, storytelling, and choreography of the solo performer through movement, gesture, and props. Previous theater or dance experience plus instructor consent required.