Sport As Performance

Sport As Performance. Sport as ritual, spectacle, and performance explored through theatre, performance studies, sociology, anthropology, and history. Topics range from professional and collegiate team sports to individual athletic performances, in both domestic and global contexts. The performance aspects and ethics of race, gender, sexuality, and nation in live sport and in the media are examined. Coursework consists of written assignments, short papers, mid-term and final exam. Guest speakers from the worlds of athletics and theater visit the class during the semester. One course.

The Art of Transformation: A Workshop in Movement and Theater

The Art of Transformation: A Workshop in Movement and Theater. ALP Movement, theater, music, and writing exercises, focusing on participants as individuals, as members of an ensemble, and within the context of their society. The work of Augusto Boal (Brazilian theater director, writer, and theorist). Theater and movement as tools for direct interaction with the Duke community. Open only to students in the Focus Program. One course.


Acting. The fundamentals of acting realism explored through exercises, scene study, and text analysis. Introduction to voice and movement training for the actor. Theory and text analysis studied in their historical context as well as their contemporary relevance.  One course.

The Theater Today

The Theater Today. Introduction to major areas of research in Theater Studies with focus on specific theoretical and creative issues of contemporary concern in various disciplines of theater study. One course.