Thinking through the Body: Becoming an Ordinary Genius

Practice-based studio and outdoor work and discussions. Introduces numerous established and experimental artistic methodologies as tools to aid the process of creative, associative thinking and the development of new ideas in any chosen field. The cultivation of students' radically subjective creativity, awareness, perception, and imagination in order to explore, experience and apply embodied thought, unlocking creative potential and visionary thinking. No movement or artistic experience required. Students of all abilities welcome.

Ready for Prime Time: Writing the Dramatic TV Episode

Some of the best dramatic writing today can now be found on television. This class will focus on one commercial prime-time drama, past or present. Beginning with a deep immersion in to the world of that show - watching allof Season One - students break into groups, coming up with their own long stories to advance the plots. Each student will pitch a story for their particular version of "Season Two" - developing an outline, tracking their storylines with the other members of their group, adn finally writing a draft of an hour-long TV episode.