Special Topics In Design: Puppetry and Object Theater Laboratory


This course is a theoretical and practical studio investigation into Puppetry and Object- Theater and the interdisciplinary nature of contemporary visual arts performance.Ranging from gigantic effigies to miniature Toy Theater, what exactly are puppets, dolls, and performing objects, and what kinds of vocabularies do they create? What happens when the puppet replaces the human body? How can sculptures dance? In this class, we will consider these questions and discover others as we cover history and contemporary trends in puppetry, including learning about the many puppetry styles: shadows, marionettes, rod puppets, hand puppets, body puppets, and folk puppets, as well as puppet-building techniques, emphasizing simple building materials such as organic substances, fabric, wood, paper, found objects, and more. You will build, move, and experiment with puppets you make and create a public performative work as the culmination of the course. INSTRUCTOR: Tori Ralston