Preston Whiteway

Executive Director, the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center

Summer 2014 - Preston, Executive Director of the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center, has been named as a Tony Nominator. He was delighted to recently honor O'Neill alumna Meryl Streep with the O’Neill’s "Monte Cristo Award."  

Winter 2009 - Preston Whiteway (T’04) is executive director of The Eugene O’Neill Theater Center in Waterford, Conn., and says he is completely thrilled and honored that The Eugene O’Neill Theater Center has won this year’s Tony Award for Regional Theater. The O’Neill Center was founded in 1964 by George C. White as a haven in which to develop scripts. Over the years it has helped nurture works by August WilsonWendy Wasserstein and John Guare and has been a prominent incubator for American theater for the past 46 years.

Summer 2007 - Whiteway spent 10 days in Moscow in the fall observing the undergraduate training program the O’Neill Center has with the Moscow Art Theater School, and building upon the partnership the two theaters have. He is also preparing for the upcoming 2008 summer season at the O’Neill.

Winter 2007 - Whiteway who has been serving as general manager at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center in Waterford, Connecticut, has been appointed executive director of the theater complex (at age 25!).

Preston Whiteway, (T’04)