Nathaniel Lande

Nathaniel Lande

His accomplished career spans publishing, television, and films. Creative Director for the Magazine Group, TIME Incorporated; Director of Time World News Service, a Founding Director of TIME-Life Films; Executive Producer for both the CBS and NBC Television Networks; Producer/​Director: Movies of the Week: CBS Cinema Center Films and Universal MCA.

At CBS he began his career in the mailroom, and soon was selected by the legendary Michael Dann and William Paley, to work for the head of Programming. Then he joined the producing staff of PM East, hosted by Mike Wallace, with his good friend, Peter Lassally, (who would later become producer of the Tonight Show at NBC). By night, the young and enterprising producers searched for talent discovering Woody Allen at the Bon Soir, a small club in New York, and Barbra Streisand at One Fifth Avenue, and were the first to book them on national television.

While Creative Director for the Magazine Group at TIME, Inc, he innovated presentations for the publishers of the magazines writing musical revues. All About Life, One for the Money, and 10 the Musical, for LIFE, Money, and People respectively. Each combined editorial content and publishing attributes. They were mini Broadway Revues touring the country targeting advertisers. No ad presentations had ever been so refreshing and engaging, establishing Nathaniel Lande, according to New York Magazine, as a TIME icon. His creators included, Scott Ellis and Susan Stroman who later became acclaimed Broadway directors. Susan Stroman is best known for Contact and The Producers. As Director of TIME World News Service, he broadcasted TIME stories to America and 70 countries around the world, writing and producing over 800 radio broadcasts.




San Francisco Film Festival – Gold Medal (Montage)

Cannes Film Festival – (Montage)

New York International Film Festival – Gold Medal (Window On the World)

Chicago Film Festival – Gold Medal (Montage)

Edinburgh Film Festival – CINE

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