Matt Hooks (T’06)

Summer 2012 - Matt Hooks (T'06) has been continuing his work with Abraham Werewolf, which he co-founded in late 2008 with fellow alums Danny Bischoff, Jack McDonald and Alberto Mendoza. They're entering their fourth season with a primary focus on exploring (and exploding) the promenade style. Their season began with an original devised work by Alberto entitled Art Heist. Next, he'll be directing a wild adaptation of Julius Caesar told through the eyes of an uncontacted tribe in South America. Third, their good friend Gus Menary will be directing Spirits to Enforce by Mickle Maher. They'll be finishing out the season with another original devised work called Full Metal Beckett, which will be comprised entirely of found material by and about Stanley Kubrick & Samuel Beckett. Abraham Werewolf is currently in lease negotiations for a space of its own. If all goes well they'll have a place in the thriving storefront scene in Chicago.

They have also built two web applications that help theatre companies reduce administrative cruft so they can focus on their art. Simple Auditions is a basic a la carte audition listings website where companies can get the word out to thousands of actors in the Chicagoland area in less time than it takes to make a sandwich. Fourth Wall is an event management platform that makes it easier for companies to get the word out about their events. In the coming months they're hoping to turn it into a community-run social network that helps companies better communicate with each other and their audiences.

Summer 2007 - Hooks is finishing up a run of The Lottery at the IO theatre in Chicago. <>. He was chosen randomly to be part of an improv group composed of IO students. He has been performing as part of a group called Atilla that he started with some fellow students.

Winter 2007 - Hooks has moved into an apartment in Chicago and gotten a day job while he looks for an agent/auditions. In the meantime he’s been taking improv classes at iO ( and is planning on creating an improv troupe with a few classmates.