Hoi Polloi

Devised Theater Company

Hoi Polloi is an OBIE-winning New York-based collaborative theater company formed in 2007 by director and Duke alum Alec Duffy.  The company creates original work that strives to explore how we, as Americans, come together and how we fall apart.  Hoi Polloi is also dedicated to collaborating with the most imaginative of today’s playwrights and of interpreting older work. 

Engagement Information

Brooklyn-based Hoi Polloi
 came back for a second year with Republic. Conceived and directed by Duke alum Alec Duffy, with text by Noah Mease, Republic, which was partly developed last year on campus, was co-presented by the department, Duke Performances, and Manbites Dog Theater. Hoi Polloi created a dream-like theatrical experience that tackled the massive moral questions raised by Socrates against an ever-shifting backdrop of characters and settings.