The Economics of Art (The Chicago Scene)

Introduction to Chicago and guests sharing experiences combining arts and entrepreneurship in theater, visual art, film, music, dance, marketing, and comedy. Discussion focuses on their careers and career paths, and relationships among facilities, budgets, and missions. Site visits, guest speakers, and internships help assess history and changing mission of arts organizations, evolution of site and impact on creative work, identification of audience(s), response to current economic climate, and organization of staff as a reflection of priorities/values.


Introduction to field of performance studies, with examples drawn from music, dance, theatre, performance art, protests, rituals, and everyday life. Through comparative study of global performance, we explore the usefulness of concepts of ritual, play, and performativity as they relate to performance and technology; intercultural performance and implications and ethics of appropriation and borrowing; originality and imitation; archive and repertoire; performative writing; and the performative dimensions of gender, race, and sexuality. Instructor: Rogers

Special Topics in Reading Theater

A series of special topics seminars focusing on close readings of dramatic texts with an eye to their realization in performance. Each seminar will center on a theme and draw from a variety of theatrical works from different periods in history and/or different countries. Topics include drama and theater, drama and gender, drama and ethics, drama and history. One course.

Translation Studies and Workshop

Translation Studies and Workshop.  Through reading texts about translation and by doing an independent project translating part of a play, students develop skills in translation theory and practice, culminating in a public staged reading of their work. Each student chooses a different play, in source language of his/her own choice, and translates into English. Readings are seminal texts in translation studies covering topics such as globalization, adaptation, the translator’s role, gender in translation, and postcolonialism to explore transmission of text/performance across cultures.

Directing Chekhov

Directing Chekhov. Seminar in directing with emphasis on directing actors, demonstration and laboratory exercises, text analysis, and rehearsal techniques. Examination of rehearsal working methods, development of performance choices,exploration of material and process with emphasis on the plays of Chekhov. Explores visual and conceptual material of directing, and problems of working in performance. Includes a video project--students videotape their directing work and accomplish post-production--edit and production of a digital video file.

Tennessee Williams and Anton Chekhov

Tennessee Williams and Anton Chekhov.  Cross-cultural exploration through performance of Anton Chekhov's "The Cherry Orchard" and Tennessee Williams's "A Streetcar Named Desire." Focus on text analysis, research, theatrical modernism, technique, examination and development of performance/critical choices. For actors and directors.  One course.