Thomas Kavanagh (T' 15)

Fall 2016 - Thomas Kavanagh (T’15) works in New York City as a freelance video designer and technician. After a semester at the National Theater Institute’s Fall 2015 directing program, thanks in part to a Benenson grant, he moved to Brooklyn and apprenticed with Jim Findlay at the Collapsable Hole (where he worked on Jody McAuliffe & Frank Lentricchia’s workshop of The Body Artist) and other venues. At spaces such as PS122 and 3-Legged Dog Art and Technology Center (as well as on Torry Bend’s Paper Hat Game), he's designed video for the Brooklyn Gypsies and Lilac Co. He’s also editing for a new podcast with a brother-sister duo: Grown Up Questions. Since March he’s been making computer music.