Kana Hatakeyama (T’10)

Summer 2015 - Kana Hatakeyama (T’10) was in two web series this past year, Hey Yun Season 2 (Wifey.tv, created by Hye Yun Park) and her own ridiculous satirical series called Emily Lip Synx.  In June she will be acting in Series C of Ensemble Studio Theatre's 35th Marathon of One-Act Plays, and then will be in a workshop of Tommy Smith's Boyfriend at the LAByrinth Theater.

Summer 2014 - Kana shot her first feature film last summer, Deborah Kampmeier's Split and absolutely loved the experience. In the fall/winter, she acted in Sarah Flood in Salem Mass by Adriano Shaplin and Mary-Kate Olsen is in Love by Mallery Avidon (playing Ashley Olsen), both at the Flea. She enjoyed her time back in Durham this spring to act in Little Green Pig's production of Monica Byrne's Tartantino's Yellow Speedo. After the run, she headed to Ecuador with fellow Duke alum Danya Taymor to teach and make some theater, which will be presented in New York in early July this year.

Summer 2013 - Kana Hatakeyama (T’10) is performing regularly with the Bats, the resident acting company at the Flea Theater, of which she has been a member for over two years. She is performing in Tommy Smith's Nectarine EP at the Brick this month, and will be shooting a feature film directed by Deborah Kampmeier in July.